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Themed Vacations: Dessert Edition!

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Plan your next getaway around our country’s most delectable desserts!

Themed Vacations: Dessert Edition!

The U.S. is famous for all kinds of delicious comfort foods. From mouth-watering burgers to delicious pies, we are a food nation. Imagine how fun it would be to base an entire trip around food. You could try to find the best hot dog, breakfast burrito or even…dessert!  We’re going to take a look at a few hot spots for sweets around the U.S., and see if we can point out some great locations near you. Of course, traditional dining powerhouses like New York, Chicago and San Francisco offer plentiful delectable treats. We’ll see if we can also pick out some hidden gems near you. This imaginary road trip begins on the West Coast and ends on the East, so let’s find some places to satisfy that sweet tooth…