Tips for the Best Valentine's Getaways

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More time to connect with less stress- our tips for the best Valentine's Getaways.

Tips for the Best Valentine's Getaways

We’ve written before about how experiential gifts can create lasting memories and often bring people more happiness in the long-term- Gifts for Everyone On Your List On a Budget.  With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you could do what everyone does and buy flowers, chocolates and go out for dinner, or you could turn your significant other’s world upside down. Weekend getaways aren’t only relaxing; they will almost certainly bring you closer as a couple. If you’re in a new relationship, or looking to rekindle some lost love, here are some tips for getting away this Valentine’s Day:

Be Flexible On the Date:

This may be forced out of necessity anyway, but don’t worry if your getaway doesn’t fall exactly on February 14th. This year it’s on a Tuesday, and unfortunately Valentine’s is not a federal holiday. You could plan for the weekend before or after, and will likely save some money on hotel, dining and entertainment costs.

Do Things You Both Want:

Your partner may love skiing, and you might want a long day at the spa. If this is just a weekend trip, you don’t have a day to do things separately (and why would you want to?). Try to plan on doing something you both like (hiking?) or split the day in half. Even if you thought you’d never like your partner’s hobby, it’s a good way to get out of your comfort zone and bond. You might even enjoy it!

Plan Ahead:

Anyone who’s been in a relationship for awhile knows there’s no bigger stressor than money. The last thing you want after a romantic getaway is an argument over how much you spent on it. Of course it’s fine to splurge while you’re on vacation, but if you’re going to spend $300 on dinner, be prepared for it.

On the other hand, there may be nothing more amorous than surprising your partner with an impromptu vacay. If you’re going this route, just make sure everything’s in order (work, kids, etc.). The intrigue can be incredibly alluring, as long as your companion doesn’t say they have a Saturday meeting and can’t go.

You Can Still Be Traditional:

How about calling the resort/hotel ahead of time and asking them to put a box of chocolates on the pillow? Or having flowers ready at a restaurant? We all love these gifts from our partners, but getting them away from home (especially when it’s a surprise) is even better.

Laugh Things Off:

We all fall into the trap of expecting too much from our vacations, our partners and ourselves. If we’ve been planning and looking forward to a getaway for awhile, we want everything to be perfect. One of the reasons we take trips are for the stories, and no good tale is complete without a blunder or two. Don’t let sunburn or a delayed flight ruin the entire weekend.

If you’re planning a Lover’s Day trip, good on you! Feel free to share any romantic vacations you’ve taken in the comments, and a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

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