The Best Ways to Document Your Next Trip

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Try these Tips for Capturing & Documenting the Best Family Memories

The Best Ways to Document Your Next Trip

 Ah, the summer vacation. It’s a staple of Americana, a symbol of what we work so hard in our daily lives to achieve. We strive so we can provide awesome summer trips like this for our friends, families and ourselves. Today, we’re going to go over some of the best ways to document your summer vacay so you and your loved ones can cherish the memories many years down the road. 

It’s easier than ever to document your trip, as almost everyone has a camera phone handy at all times. Obviously, photos play a part, but there are a lot of other ways to recollect the great times you’ve had on your trips. We’ll show you how to plan ahead, so you can be prepared when inspiration inevitably strikes on your getaway. Check out a few of the tips below, and be sure to let us know if you have any unique ways you’ve collected vacation memories in the comments!

1. Take plenty of photos…

This goes without saying, but you’ll want to get a lot of pictures. Take photos of you, your family and/or friends, scenery, landmarks, cool buildings and anything else of interest. There are a ton of online scrapbooks available at good prices, like Shutterfly.com, Mixbook.com and Smilebox.com. You’ll find a wide variety of creative ways to spice up your photos. Of course, you’ll also want plenty of pictures so you can make your Facebook friends jealous. 

2. Collect cool stuff… 

Traveling to a beach area? Be sure to grab some seashells (you could make jewelry or other cool art). Going to the mountains? How about finding some quartz? You can get postcards from every destination along the way, as well as ticket stubs, flyers, programs etc. Keeping all your receipts not only allows you to budget wisely, they can also be awesome mementos. There are all kinds of cool souvenirs around the U.S., be sure to grab a few.

3.  Keep a journal or write a blog...

True to our own hearts! Writing will help you remember every step of your trip, and is a great way to share your memories with loved ones years later. There are a ton of free blog services online, but you can always keep a handwritten journal to yourself. If your blog is really good, you could even get paid for it!

4. Make a family yearbook...

Along with all the other day-to-day stuff you do, document your summer vacation in a yearbook to share with your family! Although it may be a little more expensive than a Christmas card, yearbooks are a great way to share the journey you and your family take through life. If you want to save some money, you can always do an online yearbook at a site like Shutterfly

5. Make a vacation video...

Ever wanted to make a movie? How about throwing in your favorite song behind some cool shots? Video is the ultimate creative medium and a really fun way to document your trip. The best thing to do is make a bunch of short videos and splice them together later. You can use an online video editor like Kizoa which will give you all sorts of options. You don’t need to get carried away and film everything you see, but if you make a little five-minute documentary (or mockumentary) about your vacation, you’ll have something to watch for years to come.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas so you don’t let your vacation memories go to waste! Feel free to let us know any cool ways you’ve documented your getaways, and as always, happy exploring!

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