The 10 Best Games to Play in an RV

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Check Out of Favorite Games to play whether you are inside or outside of your RV

The 10 Best Games to Play in an RV

If you’re hitting the road this summer, you need some ways to pass the time. Audiobooks and DVDs are great, but they can only give you so much entertainment on long stretches of driving. This week, we’re going to give you 10 fun games you can play with friends and family to get everyone involved in the trip. Read on!

Games to Play While Driving

1. The Alphabet Game

The object of the Alphabet Game is to find objects on the road that start with each letter of the alphabet. Each player tries to find each letter, and the person who finishes “Z” first wins. You can spice things up by not allowing billboards or letters on other vehicles to count. Players can’t use the same word for each letter.

2. Are We There Yet?

This is a map-based game that will teach kids how to use a map and navigate without the help of GPS. You’ll need to print copies of a map you use on your trip, and have the kids mark out destinations they’d like to see. The kids can only ask “Where are we now?” and the adults can only answer “Are we there yet?” Everyone will be on the lookout for road signs and landmarks to mark your stops.

3. Car Color Game

Everyone (who’s not driving) gets a piece of paper, and a different car color. The object is to tally up all the cars of your color. Set a time limit, like 10 minutes to half an hour, then everyone switches colors. At the end of the game, the person with the most tallies on each color wins!

4. License Plate Challenge
Everyone looks out for different license plates on the road. The trick is, the next license plate announced must start with the last letter of the previous license plate. For example, if someone finds “South Dakota,” the next plate would need to start with “A” (Alabama, Arkansas). Depending on where you are in the country, this one can take up some time.

Games to Play While Parked

5. Cornhole

This classic outdoor game pits two teams of two players against each other. You’ll need boards and beanbags, Each board is placed about 20 yards apart, and teams take turns trying to sink the beanbags or leave them on the board. It’s harder than it sounds!

6. Ladder Golf
This game is similar to Cornhole, but is played with a small “ladder” and a rope connecting two golf balls. The object is to wrap the rope around the poles by tossing it back and forth. Each rung of the ladder corresponds to a different amount of points.

7. Geocaching
You’ll need at least one handheld GPS device to Geocache, but it’s extremely fun and educational. There are several websites online that show the coordinates of various hidden containers in parks and other public places. The goal is to plug them into the device and search for them. They rarely hold anything of value, but the fun is in the hunt.

8. Washers
Yet another variation on horseshoes, Washers is played with two-inch diameter hardware washers. Players score points by tossing the washers onto a four-inch diameter PVC pipe in a 16x16 “pitching box.” Find rules and ways to build your own Washers game by clicking here.

Games to Play Indoors

9. Playing Cards
A deck of cards (or five) is a must-have in the RV. There are all kinds of great games to play while you’re inside, including Hearts, Crazy 8s, Go Fish, Euchre, Spades, etc. The best part about decks of cards is that they take up no space!

10. Board Games

Of course. Pictionary, Apples to Apples, Yahtzee, Monopoly…there are all kinds of great board games. Make sure you’re stocked with at least a few before you begin your journey. You don’t want to get stuck inside with nothing to do!

Hopefully this gives you an idea of some fun games the entire family can enjoy on your next RV trip. Be sure to give us a call at (800) 231-0425 and we’ll be happy to help plan your next adventure. Happy exploring!

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