7 Easy DIY Costume Ideas This Halloween!

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Try these easy and fun DIY costumes to save a buck and have fun!

So, maybe you’re not the person who wants to spend $100+ on a Halloween costume this year. Maybe you don’t like dressing up. Maybe you just completely forgot Halloween was next weekend. Don’t fear! We’re here to help you find some easy and affordable DIY Halloween costumes that can be thrown together in a snap. We’re guessing you have plenty of old clothes, makeup and other items around the house that will allow you to enter that costume party without breaking the bank.

Obviously, there are a million different things you can do for a costume, and this is just a starter list to give you some ideas. If you have $10, you can make a pretty funny ensemble that will get some laughs (hopefully not awkward stares). The staples are t-shirts (that you don’t mind ruining), markers, simple makeup and possibly some cardboard. If you’re the person that hates dressing up, or spending money on a (pointless) costume, read on!

1. Skeleton

Ah, what a classic. You can easily make a fun skeleton costume by cutting up an old white t-shirt to create a ribcage illusion, then use some black and white makeup on your face. This works well for men and women and is a quick and easy way to dress up for Halloween.

 2. Zombie


Makeup costumes are all the rage nowadays, and you can find hundreds of ideas and makeup tutorials on YouTube (see the “Zombie Prom Queen” link above). Obviously, some of these are pretty intricate and might require spending a lot on makeup, but you can make a simple zombie costume by taking old clothes, ripping them up, and throwing on some eye shadow. The possibilities are endless when you create your own ensemble (red makeup or lipstick is never a bad idea).

3. Nerd

All you need are glasses and suspenders! You could certainly go all-out nerd and get a pocket protector, bow tie, etc. Think Steve Urkel, and wrap some white tape around thick black glasses. You can find cheap suspenders at the thrift store, and add a little zest by hiking up those pants (white socks required).

4. Mummy

If you have kids, they’ll love helping you dress up in this costume! Buy a lot of cheap toilet paper, and simply wrap yourself in it. No, it doesn’t hold up well in the rain or probably for a long night, but it’s cheap and simple and you’ll get a lot of laughs!

5. Crossword Puzzle

Have an old white t-shirt and/or dress and a black marker? Make your own crossword puzzle and wear it (we’re not going to tell you what words to put on there, but know your audience!). This is an easy costume that can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. Maybe throw a pencil in your ear for added effect!

6. Bunch of Grapes

OK, so we’re getting a little out there now, but all this requires is some purple or green balloons and Scotch tape. Blow up enough balloons to cover yourself, and throw on a green hat (the stem of course). It may be difficult to get close to anyone, but you’ll get some laughs 

7. Anything with a Cardboard Box

This is the great thing about Halloween: you can be whatever you want to be for a night. If you have a cardboard box, you can cut out a hole for your head and be pretty much anything. Robot, graham cracker, milk jug, a Lego, the possibilities are endless!

We certainly couldn’t include all the possibilities here, but feel free to let us know in the comments if you’ve made any last-minute Halloween costumes. Have a happy and safe Halloween, and as always, happy exploring!



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