5 Ways to Improve Your Mini Golf (and Golf) Game on Vacation

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5 Ways to Improve Your Mini Golf (and Golf) Game on Vacation

Going on vacation this summer? If so, you might want to partake in some mini-golf, or possibly even real golf! This week, we’re going to give you some tips on how to improve your putting, so you can have a great time on the astroturf (or regular turf). Two of our Midwest Outdoor Resorts destinations (Rushmore Shadows and Hidden Bluffs) have mini-golf courses, and we offer discounted rates for MOR members at Hart Ranch Golf Course in Rapid City, SD. After you read this post, stop out and see us to try your hand at some putting!

1. Find the Right Length Putter:
If you’re mini-golfing it can be a little difficult, but it’s important to find the right equipment if you want to play well. If you’re putter is too long, it will be difficult to find the correct posture.

2. Get into the Correct Posture:
With your feet about shoulder-width apart, bend from your hips, with your arms hanging straight down from your shoulders. Your knees should be slightly flexed, with your weight on the balls of your feet. When holding your putter and addressing a ball, you want your eyes to be directly over the ball, not too far inside or outside. If your putter is too long, you’ll probably be standing too far away from the ball. If needed, you can choke down on the putter for a better address position.

3. Get the Correct Grip:
You want to grip the putter in your palms, not in your fingers. While in your good posture, clap your hands together beneath your shoulders, then slightly lower your rear hand (right hand for righties, left hand for lefties). Now, put the putter right between your hands, with both palms running straight down the flat part of the grip (some mini-golf putter won’t have this). The goal is to take your wrists out of the stroke.

4. Get the Correct Stroke:
When putting, we want to use our shoulders to swing the putter back and forth, not our hands or wrists. We want to keep the triangle formed by our arms, shoulders and club intact through the entire stroke. Try to swing the putter back and through the exact same length with the exact same speed. You don’t want to make a short backswing and long through swing, or vice versa. The goal is to hit the back of the ball with the sweet spot of the putter. A good way to do this is to keep your eyes focused on a dimple on the back of the ball and keep them there until the ball has rolled at least a few feet. This will help you make better contact.

5. Practice:
If you’ve ever played golf or mini-golf, you know it takes some practice to get proficient. Most mini-golf courses don’t have practice greens, but you can go to a local course and usually practice putting for free. Try to hit some short and long and uphill and downhill putts. You’ll soon get a feel for how fast to roll the ball.

Follow these tips, and they’ll be sure to help next time you hit the course. You can get more information on our golfing adventures by calling (800) 231-0425. Happy exploring!

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