4 Tips For Booking Holiday Trips

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Check the stress at the door with these Helpful Tips for Booking Your Next Holiday Trip!

4 Tips For Booking Holiday Trips

We’ve all been there. Stuck in line at the department store, waiting in holiday traffic, rushing to catch a flight only to find there’s a backup at airport security. All in all, travelling during the holidays is a mess. While summer is definitely travel season, Thanksgiving and Christmas can be just as bad. This week, we’re going to give you a few easy tips you can follow to avoid the throngs of people and maddening delays. Read on, and you just might have the best holiday vacation ever!

1. Book Around the Busy Times:

Obviously, the day before Thanksgiving and the days leading up to Christmas are some of the busiest travel days of the year. If you’re flying, expect long lines and delays. If you’re in an urban area, expect bumper-to-bumper traffic. Do your best to be flexible with your dates. If you travel on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, etc., you’ll run into very little commotion.

On top of traffic, fares are really high during peak times. Take the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at 5:30pm. Everyone wants to fly then, so rates can jump 100-200%. You can save huge dollars by going at less-than-desirable times. Do your research.

2. Be Careful About the Weather:

Yes, you can save money by booking a connecting flight, but beware. Unpredictable winter weather can wreak havoc on airlines. While most of them actually do a good job of getting you where you need to be, a blizzard in Denver can keep you stuck there for days. Driving is no different. Obviously you’ll want to check road conditions and make sure you’ll have a safe place to stay if you run into a winter storm. It’s best to try and take a straight shot to your destination, even if it does cost a bit more.

3. Travel Somewhere Exotic:

While taking the trip to your brother’s place may seem ridiculously expensive, international travel is usually pretty reasonable. Consider doing something different this year. You can even find Business Class Airfares for great rates. If you’re interested in finding awesome deals on travel, check out Midwest Outdoor Resorts. Depending on your membership, we offer incredible savings on many exotic destinations around the world. Maybe a sun-soaked, beach-filled Christmas this year?

4. Pack Wisely:

Airlines seem to charge for everything these days. Checking a bag? Fee. Prefer an aisle seat? Fee. Changing your ticket? Fee. If you’re able to fit everything in your carry-on(s), you’ll save money. Remember that you can now only carry 3.4-ounce or smaller liquid containers in a single, clear, quart-size zip-top bag. Anything else you’ll have to check or throw away. Most people aren’t taking a really long vacation for the holidays, but be sure to pack light regardless. This will save you a ton of hassle.

Please let us know if you have any holiday travel tips in the comments. This is one of the most stressful times of year for a reason, but if you plan wisely, your travel doesn’t have to be. Happy exploring!

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