2018’s Best Family Themed DIY Costumes

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Nothing better than dressing up in themed costumes with your family, check out our favorites for this season.

2018’s Best Family Themed DIY Costumes

We’re hoping you’ll join Midwest Outdoor Resorts again this year as we enjoy good food, good company and fun fall festivities! Fall Fest at MOR is Saturday, October 20th, 2018 and all five Midwest Outdoor Resorts locations will be celebrating. We will also have a special Member Appreciation for Fall Fest at Ham Lake Resort in Ham Lake, MN! Schedule your time to meet with Member Services on October 19th from 1-4pm. Please visit us at MidwestOutdoorResorts.com or call (800) 231-0425 and we’ll be happy help you plan your next awesome fall vacation. We’ll see you on October 20th!

This week, we’re going to look at some family-themed costume ideas for Fall Fest. Since it’s 2018, we’ll see a lot of The Incredibles, as well as Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, etc., but let’s see if we can get creative and find some other options.  If you have some old clothes, makeup and a few other items around the house you can make great-looking DIY costumes that will cost hardly anything. Get your glue guns ready and read on!

1. Where’s Waldo?
(From SayYes)

This is an easy ensemble to throw together for everyone. All you need are some striped red shirts, pom-pom hats and big black glasses (lensless are fine). Add any accessories you see fit!

2. Pac-Man Family (From Domestic Imperfection)

This easy DIY take on the classic arcade game is a perfect family-themed costume. Some construction paper, Sharpies and old t-shirts are all you need to put together a fun ensemble getup!

3. Space Family (From Tell Love and Party)

There are a lot of ways you can go with this, and we understand that the costumes shown above are intricate, but you can easily throw together cool-looking space/astronaut/alien costumes with some old clothes and spray paint. If your kids are into space, they’ll love it!

4. Jurassic Park Family (From Cupcakes and Cashmere)

The only thing kids love more than dinosaurs is dressing up as dinosaurs, so throw together your best safari-looking outfits and dress the kids up as their favorite Jurassic-era creature! There are all sorts of options online, or you can make a simple DIY costume for the really little ones. You can also do a safari-themed family with the kid(s) dressing up as their favorite animal(s).

5. Disneyland Tourists (From SayYes)

This is especially easy if you already have the gear, but you can throw together some Mickey/Minnie Mouse gear, backpacks, fanny-packs and cameras and be ready for your next trip!

6. Shark Attack
(From The Fickle Pickle)

It might need to be a warm Halloween for this family costume (unless you have a wetsuit), but it is simple to put together. You can do any sort of DIY shark costume for the kids or find one online. Put bandages on your shark attack victim with some red and you’re all set!

We can’t wait to see you on October 20th for Fall Fest! Wear your favorite family costumes and let’s have a great time! As always, contact us at MidwestOutdoorResorts.com or call (800) 231-0425 and we’ll be happy to help answer any questions. Happy exploring!

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