2018’s Best Fall Camping Accessories

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2018’s Best Fall Camping Accessories

2018’s Best Fall Camping Accessories

2018’s Best Fall Camping Accessories

September 22nd is the official start of fall, so be sure you’re prepared with this year’s best fall camping accessories! This week, we’re going to tune you in to some cool new items that will definitely let you have more fun this autumn!

2018’s Best Fall Camping Accessories

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven

We all love the grill of course, but if you haven’t used a Dutch oven over the campfire, you’re missing out. Dutch ovens are extremely easy to use and are great for at home on the stove, in the oven but especially when camping. Also, be sure to check out our favorite fall Dutch oven recipes!

Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket

You’ll never need another blanket again! This lightweight and durable blanket is perfect for brisk fall evenings. It’s water repellant and will dry quickly if caught in the rain.

Gossamer Gear Liteflex Hiking Umbrella

We all know how cold it can get when stuck in the autumn rain. This is known as the “world’s lightest full-size trekking umbrella,” and you don’t want to leave the campsite without it. If it is a hot fall day, it can lower the temperature underneath by 15 degrees!

Patagonia Brodeo Beanie

Don’t get caught out in the cold! This eco-friendly beanie is soft, warm and comfortable, and insulates when wet. Trust us, Merino Wool is awesome!

Jetboil Flash Java Kit

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a brisk fall morning, and the Jetboil Flash Java Kit is the easiest and quickest product on the market. In 100 seconds you’ll have boiling water for a cup of joe or cocoa. This is a must-have for backcountry coffee drinkers!

Goal Zero Yeti Power Station

Yes, it’s a little expensive, but if you’re going to be running a lot of electronics, the Yeti400 is worth it. This will charge USB devices for days and has AC adapters for laptops and small appliances. If you’re in the wilderness for a week or more, you may want to consider a solar panel so you never lose power.

BOOM Swimmer Duo Portable Speaker

This isn’t an ordinary Bluetooth speaker. First off, it’s waterproof so it can withstand rainy fall days. It has a flexible arm that can wrap around tree branches or tentpoles and a suction cup attachment that will stick to car windows. It charges with a USB cable, so will go well with your power station.

Glerups Unisex Slippers

We know, the price seems high for slippers. These are indestructible, however, and will keep your feet warm all day around the campsite. They also regulate your temperature so you won’t overheat. The rubber soles also provide more traction than an average slipper. You could actually hike in these things!

Obviously, there is all sorts of awesome gear out there. We’re excited for a fantastic fall camping season! Visit us at or call (800) 231-0425 and we’ll be happy to help plan your fall vacation. Happy exploring!


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