Camping Cabins

Sleeps 5, rustic, electric only, NO water, mini fridge, European bunk bed & single bunk bed, linens on beds, towels for showering at the bathhouse, microwave, TV, DVD player, AirConditioner/Heater, toaster.
**All Rentals (except Sleeping Cabin and Covered Wagons): Are furnished with dishes (dinner plates, cereal bowls, glasses/plastic cups, coffee mugs), silverware (Spoons, forks, butter knives), pots (large pot or dutch oven), pans (saucepan, skillet, pizza pan), cooking utensils (can opener, spatula, Large serving spoon, tongs, colander/strainer, pizza cutter, oven mitts or hot pads, sharp knives, cutting board, measuring cups & measuring spoons, large mixing bowl, scissors), sponge or dish scrubber, paper towels, coffeepot, toaster, fridge, stove, oven, microwave, TV, DVD player, AC & linens. Also has a picnic table at every rental.

Spruce (Sleeper) Cabin*

All units $32.00/night  *indicates pet friendly